Over 5 million Australians (1 in 4 people aged 15 years or over) experience bladder or bowel control problems

The following people have shared their stories of living with or caring for someone with incontinence in Bridge magazine. Reading the experience and advice of others can make a huge difference to someone in a similar situation.

It is also important to remember that incontinence can be treated and better managed. Seek professional advice and support through the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66.


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Personal Stories 

Anja's story
Brisbane-born model Anja Christoffersen was only 17 when she first walked in Amsterdam Fashion Week. Now 22, Anja has made it her mission to show that people with incontinence can live happily and confidently. She shares what she's learnt from life-long incontinence and this experience.

Michael's story
Ever wondered if your doctor or health specialist truly understands the debilitating effect incontinence has on your life? Associate Professor Michael Murray does. We spoke with him about his own compelling,very personal post-surgery story.

David's story

David was in his 50s when he started to wake up multiple times during the night, needing to pass urine. It was a call with the National Continence Helpline and a simple afternoon lie-down that helped.

Stephanie's story

After experiencing a traumatic childbirth injury and pelvic organ prolapse, Stephanie Thompson’s direction in life was changed. Now a published author and advocate, Stephanie is on a mission to continue opening the conversation about pelvic health and childbirth. 

Brian's story

What is it like to go through prostate cancer during a pandemic? Brian shared his story of urinary incontinence after surgery and how he’s improved his leakage. 

Anne-Marie's story
Anne-Marie Howarth was 31 years old when she suffered a motorbike accident which left her with a spinal cord injury, restricting her bladder and bowel control. Not to be outdone by her injury, instead it opened a world of new opportunities.

Greg's story
Greg Ryan was born without an anal opening, a congenital abnormality which affects 30,000 babies around the world each year. Two Australian surgeons saved him, but the outcome ushered him into a life of shame, secrecy, social stigma and intense mental health difficulties.

Jean's story
A colostomy at the age of 21 was not the end of the world but the beginning of a new one. At 95 years of age, Jean Croxton shared some of her inspirational wisdom with granddaughter Kellie Matalone.


Gabrielle's story
Gabrielle Fakhri has been caring for her son Simon, for 42 years. She gave this touching account of life as Simon’s carer at the launch of the Carers count special project during World Continence Week.

Tony's story
Thirteen-year-old twins Tegan and Glenys Saffigna can’t talk, dress themselves or eat most foods. But in the eyes of their proud father, Tony, they are no different from any other children – they love to be cuddled, play games and read to.

Jodie's story
Jodie’s son Joe was born 10 years ago with profound disabilities as the result of a mild virus she contracted while pregnant. Her remarkable strength and leadership since his birth have earned her the 2015 Continence Foundation’s Carer of the Year award.

Gerard's story
Gerard* was cleaning up about 25 of his mother’s faecal incontinence accidents each year until he spoke with continence nurse Lisa from the National Continence Helpline.

Susanna's story
Former nurse and foster carer, Susanna Harrison of Far North Queensland has been named the Continence Foundation’s 2018 Carer of the Year.

A parent's story

The story of a daughter, who is now 10, and her troubles with soiling  and faecal incontinence that haven’t resolved. 


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