The Continence Foundation of Australia is pleased to celebrate this year’s World Continence Week, held 17-23 June 2024. With a focus on ‘Let’s Talk’ we hope to raise awareness and confidence.

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Incontinence in Australia – Let’s talk about it

Under the umbrella of this year’s theme “Let’s Talk”, in 2023 the Continence Foundation of Australia commissioned a consumer survey to gain insights into the community’s perceptions and experience of incontinence, the quality of life and wellbeing of people who experience it, and their carers. 

  • 46% of those surveyed have not discussed their continence related issues with friends or family and 32% of this group says it is because of embarrassment.
  • 74% believe that community awareness around bladder and bowel health is lacking.
  • Despite many people avoiding conversations about incontinence, among the 33% of respondents who had not discussed it with a health professional, most said they could be encouraged to if the professional raised it or if relevant information was displayed.

In summary, we need to start talking!

What is incontinence?

Over 5 million Australians, 1 in 4 people aged 15 years or over, experience incontinence. Incontinence is the involuntary loss of bladder and bowel control. 

The good news is, incontinence is a common condition that, with the right help, can be better managed, treated, and sometimes even cured.


WATCH: What is incontinence?

Watch to learn more about incontinence and where to seek help.

WATCH: Wee stories

Wee stories are three short, animated videos about bladder control. The Continence Foundation of Australia created these stories with people who shared their real-life experience.

Watch the whole series: 

If these stories sound like you, you can get help. Call the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66 for a free and confidential conversation with a Nurse Continence Specialist.

Where can I seek help for my incontinence?

National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66

The National Continence Helpline (1800 33 00 66) is staffed by Nurse Continence Specialists who offer free and confidential information, advice and support to people affected by incontinence. They also provide a wide range of continence resources and information on local continence services.

The Helpline is available to anyone living in Australia and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. It operates 8am-8pm (AEST) Monday to Friday excluding national public holidays.

Talking to a health professional

Talking to your doctor is a good starting point to begin seeking help for a continence issue. Read our ‘tips for taking the first steps’ and learn how to prepare for your first consultation.

Looking for a toilet near you?

The National Public Toilet Map is a free website and App that shows the location of more than 22,000 public toilet facilities across Australia. This is a useful map for all Australians when they are moving around the community especially people with incontinence, travelers, or young families.


Stories of lived experience

READ: Bridge Magazine

Bridge Magazine is a quarterly publication written for people with incontinence and their family, friends and carers. It includes stories of the lived experience and advice from health professionals.


LISTEN: This is My Story Podcast 

This is My Story is a podcast series brought to you by the Continence Foundation of Australia, which shares the real and raw journeys of Australians who experience incontinence. These stories represent the diverse experiences of four individuals and how their incontinence was identified, how they manage it, the care path they have taken, the value of professional health and their tips and strategies for living with incontinence.


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