Key objectives

The Continence Foundation coordinates a wide range of educational and awareness raising initiatives that are underpinned by our key objectives.


Constitution of Continence Foundation of Australia Limited

Annual reports

Each year the Continence Foundation of Australia produces annual and financial reports that are available for anyone interested in our work.


Planning the future for our Foundation, where we unify to become a single, national organisation.


The Continence Foundation of Australia advocates for the interests and needs of Australians affected by incontinence.

Bridge magazine

Bridge is our free, consumer magazine for people with incontinence and their family, friends or carers.

Join our team

Join our team and help us to build an Australian community free of the stigma and restrictions of incontinence.

Key statistics

Over 5 million Australians experience bladder or bowel control problems. These statistics demonstrate the widespread nature of incontinence.


Last Updated: Wed 10, Nov 2021
Last Reviewed: Sun 22, Mar 2020