Pelvic Floor First

Pelvic Floor First is an initiative of the Continence Foundation of Australia and aims to reduce the number of men and women who experience pelvic floor dysfunction as a result of inappropriate exercise regimes. The aim is supported by the following objectives: strengthen the relationship between the continence and fitness industry, increase awareness of the link between certain types of exercise and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and promote pelvic floor safe exercises.

Continence Support Now

A mobile friendly pocket guide style website, for disability and aged care workers providing excellent bladder and bowel support.

Incontinence in Confidence

Incontinence in Confidence is a website for teenagers and young adults who experience incontinence. Information provided on the website aims to help young people learn more about managing daytime and bed wetting, daytime urinary incontinence (DUI), as well as soiling and faecal incontinence.



BINS4Blokes is an Australia-wide awareness campaign advocating for the installation of incontinence bins in male public toilet facilities.

Continence Learning

Continence Learning is the Continence Foundation of Australia’s online learning portal where you will find courses, webinars and educational resources about bladder and bowel health.

Go Against the Flow

Go Against the Flow #GATF is a health awareness initiative aimed at age appropriate and engaging material to raise awareness of pelvic health in young women.

Go Against the Flow is about education, awareness, support, sisterhood — it’s about empowering young women to build a community where they can learn about the ‘below the belt’ issues they experience, starting with incontinence.

Continence Foundation of Australia Physiotherapy Special Interest Group

The mission of the Continence Foundation of Australia Physiotherapy Special Interest Group (SIG) is to promote excellence in continence physiotherapy service provision by providing accessible, high level professional development to our members and education to people of all ages living with incontinence and/or pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our members work in Continence Clinics, Hospitals, Universities, Health Promotion and Private Practices.


Last Updated: Thu 30, Nov 2023
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