Incontinence in children. Learn more about the common bladder and bowel control problems experienced by children and how they can be managed and/or treated.

Daytime wetting

Most children have gained daytime bladder control by the age of four. If a child regularly wets during the day after this age professional advice is necessary.


'Soiling' is when the bowels are emptied in places other than the toilet. Even after a child is toilet trained, there may be occasional accidents with soiling (poo) in your child's underwear.


Also known as nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting is the involuntary passing of urine (wee) that occurs at night during the main sleep period.

Toilet Tactics

Toilet Tactics is a free resource to help promote healthy bladder and bowel habits in schools.


Toilet training for children with a disability

Debbie Atkins is an occupational therapist and toilet training consultant for children and young people living with incontinence and disability. She talks about the signs of bedwetting, recommendations on diet and fluids and setting up an individualised toileting routine for your child.


Last Updated: Thu 15, Jul 2021
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