Our content aligns to the needs of

  • Current and emerging health issues
  • International, national and state health priorities
  • Considered requests from consumers and health professionals
  • Findings from evidence-based research
  • Trend analysis of our website statistics.


The development process involves consultation with academia, consumers and health professionals to ensure all published content reflects current evidence-based best practice, is available in accessible formats, and meets the learning and information needs of the designated target groups. This includes thorough review of the clinical and scientific content and feedback on accuracy, currency and appropriateness for varying levels of education and awareness.


The Foundation consults with subject matter specialists such as Clinical Content Reviewers to validate content. Clinical content reviewers include, but not limited to, nurse continence specialists, urologists, gynaecologists and urogynaecologists, specialist pelvic health physiotherapists and other allied health professionals, to reflect the most recent scientific and medical opinions.


Our content is reviewed by both the Continence Foundation of Australia and external experts in their field. Consumers assist with the relevancy and literacy level of our content.


Last Updated: Tue 17, Jan 2023
Last Reviewed: Tue 17, Mar 2020