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What are the pelvic floor muscles?

The floor of the pelvis is made up of layers of muscles and other tissues. These layers stretch like a hammock from the tailbone at the back, to the pubic bone at the front.

A man's pelvic floor muscles support his bladder and bowel (colon). The urethra (urine tube) and the anus (back passage) pass through the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles help control the bladder and bowel. They may also help with sexual function.

It is vital to keep pelvic floor muscles strong.

Pelvic Floor Muscle





Pelvic Floor Muscle

Should I do pelvic floor muscle training?

Do you have stress incontinence?

Men who wet themselves when they cough, sneeze or are active have stress incontinence. They will find pelvic floor muscle training may improve this problem.

Do you have an overactive bladder with urgency?

Men who have an urgent need to pass urine more often may have an overactive bladder. This symptom is called urgency. When men leak with this urgency, it is called urge incontinence. Pelvic floor muscle training can help with these problems.

Do you have poor bowel control?

Men who have problems with bowel control may find pelvic floor muscle training helpful. It can help strengthen the muscles that close the anus (back passage). These muscles are part of the pelvic floor muscles.

Men of all ages need to have strong pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles can be made weaker by:

  • surgery for bladder or bowel problems.
  • constipation.
  • being overweight.
  • heavy lifting including lifting weights at the gym
  • coughing that goes on for a long time such as with asthma, bronchitis or a chronic cough.










  • 膀胱または腸の問題のための手術。
  • 便秘
  • 肥満
  • ジムにあるウェイトを持ち上げるなど、重いものを持ち上げる。
  • 喘息、気管支炎、または慢性咳など、 咳が長い間続く場合。

Where are my pelvic floor muscles?

The first thing to do is to find out which muscles you need to train. Here are four things you can try.

  1. Try to stop the stream of urine when standing at the toilet to empty your bladder. Then start your stream again. You can do this to learn which muscles are the right ones to use - but do this only once a week. Your bladder may not empty the way it should if you stop and start your stream too often. You need active pelvic floor muscles to be able to stop your urine flow.
  2. Sit or lie down with the muscles of your thighs, stomach and buttocks relaxed. It may be helpful to use a hand mirror to watch your pelvic floor muscles as they pull up..
  3. Squeeze the ring of muscle around the anus (back passage) as if you are trying to stop passing wind. Now relax this muscle. Squeeze and let go a couple of times until you are sure you have found the right muscles. Try not to squeeze your buttocks.
  4. Stand in front of a mirror with no clothes on. Pull in your pelvic floor muscles strongly and hold them. You should see the penis draw in. Your scrotum should lift up.

Your doctor, continence physiotherapist or continence nurse advisor will help you to get your pelvic floor muscles working the right way.

Ask them for help if you:

  • don't feel a distinct ‘squeeze and lift’ of your pelvic floor muscles.
  • can't stop your stream of urine.
  • do not see any lift of your scrotum and penis.

All men can benefit from pelvic floor muscle training. Training gives you better control of your pelvic floor muscles. This helps improve bladder and bowel control.



  1. トイレで立って排尿しているときに、途中で尿を止め、それから再度排尿します。こうすると、どの筋肉を使用しているかがわかります。 ? ただし、これは1週間に一度だけ行ってください。あまり頻繁に尿を途中で止めたり出したりすると、膀胱が正常に働かなくなることがあります。途中で尿を止めるには、骨盤底筋が機能している必要があります。
  2. 太もも、腹部、および臀部の筋肉を弛緩させた状態で、座るか横になります。小さい鏡を使って骨盤底筋が引っ張られる様子を確認すると分かりやすいかもしれません。
  3. 放屁を止めようとするように、肛門の周辺の環状の筋肉を緊張させ、次にこの筋肉を弛緩させます。骨盤底筋を確実に見つけるまで、何回か筋肉を緊張させてから弛緩させます。臀部の筋肉は緊張させないでください。
  4. 裸で鏡の前に立ちます。強く骨盤底筋を引き締め、そのまま維持します。陰茎が引っ込み、陰嚢が持ち上がります。



  • 骨盤底筋を確実に「締めて持ち上げる」ことができないように感じる
  • 排尿を途中で止めることができない
  • 陰嚢と陰茎が持ち上がらないように思える


How do I do pelvic floor muscle training?

Now that you can feel the muscles working, you can:

  • Use your muscles to pull your scrotum upwards.
  • Squeeze and draw in the muscles around your urethra (urine tube) and anus (back passage) at the same time. Lift your scrotum up. You should have a sense of lift each time you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. Try to hold the muscles strongly and tightly for as long as you can. Then let them go. Relax and rest for a few seconds. You should have a distinct feeling of letting go.
  • Repeat the squeeze and lift and let go. It is best to rest for about 8 seconds in between each squeeze of the muscles. Try to hold for about 8 seconds. If you can't hold for 8, just hold for as long as you can.
  • Repeat this squeeze and lift as many times as you can. Try to aim for between 8 to 12 squeezes.
  • Aim to do 3 sets of 8 to 12 squeezes each, with a rest in between. A training program is three sets of up to 8 to 12 squeezes.
  • Do this whole training program every day. Try sets while lying down, sitting or standing.

Use your pelvic floor muscles as part of your daily routine. You can brace your pelvic floor muscles to avoid leaking. This is called ‘the knack’. Try to brace your pelvic floor muscles before you do physical tasks such as lifting things, swinging your golf club, or digging in the garden. Brace your pelvic floor muscles before doing anything likely to make you leak.

While doing pelvic floor muscle training:

  • do not hold your breath.
  • only squeeze and lift.
  • do not tighten your buttocks.
  • do not use your tummy muscles.



  • 筋肉を使って、陰嚢を引き上げる。
  • 尿道周辺の筋肉と肛門周辺の筋肉を同時に締めて引っ込めます。陰嚢を引き上げます。骨盤底筋を締めるたびに、陰嚢が持ち上がる感覚があるはずです。できるだけ長く、筋肉を強くきつく締めてみてください。それから緩めます。筋肉を緩めて数秒休みます。筋肉が緩む様子が明らかにわかるはずです。
  • 締めて持ち上げ、それから緩める動作を繰り返します。筋肉を締めるたびに約8秒間休ませることをお勧めします。約8秒間締め付けてください。8秒間締め付けられなかったら、できるだけ長く締め付けます。
  • 締める動作をできるだけ多く繰り返します。8〜12回締めるようにしてください。
  • 毎回8〜12回締める動作を3セット実行することを目標にしてください。トレーニングプログラムとして、8〜12回絞る動作を最大3セット行ってください。
  • このトレーニングプログラムを毎日実行してください。横になった状態、座った状態、または立っている状態で行ってください。

日課の一部として骨盤底筋を使ってください。 「コツ」として、骨盤底筋を構えることで漏れを防ぐことができます。物を持ち上げる、ゴルフクラブを振る、または庭に穴を掘るなど、身体を使う作業の前に、骨盤底筋を構えてください。また、尿漏れする可能性がある作業をする前にも、骨盤底筋を構えてください。


  • 息を止めない。
  • 締め付け動作だけを行い、持ち上げる。
  • 臀部を締め付けない。
  • 腹筋を使わない。

Do your pelvic floor muscle training the right way

Fewer strong hard squeezes are better than a lot of half-hearted ones. If you are not sure that you are doing the squeezes right, seek help. Ask for help from your continence physiotherapist or continence nurse advisor. Seek help if you do not see a change in your symptoms after 3 months.



Make the training part of your daily life

Once you learn how to do pelvic floor muscle squeezes do them often. Every day is best. Give each set of squeezes your full focus. Make a regular time to do your pelvic floor muscle squeezes. This might be after going to the toilet, when having a drink or when lying in bed.

Other things you can do to help your pelvic floor muscles:

  • Use ‘the knack’. This is when you brace your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing up and holding each time before you cough, sneeze or lift anything.
  • Always share the lifting of heavy loads.
  • Take care lifting weights at the gym.
  • Eat 2 pieces of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables daily.
  • Consume 1.5 – 2 litres of fluid per day unless your doctor says this is not okay.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • Don't strain when using your bowels or emptying your bladder.
  • If you have hay fever, asthma or bronchitis see your doctor. Your doctor may help to ease sneezing and coughing.
  • Keep your weight within the right range for your height and age.




  • 「コツ」を忘れない。つまり、骨盤底筋を構えた状態で咳、くしゃみ、何かを持ち上げる。
  • 重い物を持ち上げるときは、他の人といっしょに行う。
  • ジムにあるウェイトを持ち上げるときは慎重に行う。
  • 毎日果物を2種類、野菜を5種類食べる。
  • 医師からの特別な指示がないかぎり、1日に1.5〜2リットルの水分をとる。
  • 便秘にならないようにする。
  • 排便時または排尿時にいきまない。
  • 花粉症、喘息、または気管支炎になったら、医師の診察を受ける。医師は、くしゃみや咳を緩和することができます。
  • ご自分の身長と年齢に合った体重を保つ。

Seek help

You are not alone. Poor bladder and bowel control can be cured or better managed with the right treatment. If you do nothing, it might get worse.

Phone expert advisors on the National Continence Helpline for free:

  • advice;
  • resources; and
  • information about local services

1800 33 00 66 *

(8am - 8pm Monday to Friday AEST)

* Calls from mobile telephones are charged at applicable rates.

To arrange for an interpreter through the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS), phone 13 14 50 Monday to Friday and ask for the National Continence Helpline. Information in other languages is also available from

For more information:


* Calls from mobiles are charged at applicable rates.



National Continence Help Line(全国失禁ヘルプライン)に電話すれば、無料で専門家による以下のアドバイスが受けられます。

  • アドバイス
  • 資料、および
  • 地元のサービスに関する情報

1800 33 00 66 *

(8am - 8pm 月曜〜金曜、東部標準時間)

電話通訳サービス(TIS)を通じて通訳を手配するには、月曜日から金曜日の間に13 14 50にお電話し、National Continence Help Lineに電話してもらってください。その他の言語での情報は、から入手できます。



* 携帯電話からの電話には、通常の携帯料金が課されます。


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