Jules Robinson on family, friends and empowering conversations.
We know that some women have a bigger chance of getting a pelvic organ prolapse. What is the link between your family history and your chance of getting a prolapse?
Are you spending more on water and laundry costs because of incontinence?
A fitter and turner by trade, Robert Sykes’ switch to full-time carer was unexpected. Almost 20 years later there’s no doubt that his kind and supportive nature makes him an amazing carer to his daughter Olivia. 
2020 has been especially heartbreaking for aged care residents, their family and friends, and staff. Australia saw aged care homes record thousands of COVID-19 cases and the majority of deaths around the nation.
Finding yourself needing to go to the toilet a lot? Men’s health physiotherapist Travis Monk answers common questions around frequent urination (emptying the bladder often).
When it’s hot or you’re exercising, your body will react to the heat by sweating. Sweat makes your skin moist or wet and then helps you cool down when it evaporates (changes from liquid to gas). This also means you’re losing water from your body.
Need inspiration for a fun family dinner? Check out this healthy taco recipe from Milly Smith, Accredited Practising Dietitian. It’s a great chance for kids and the entire family to get involved in making food together.
“I would encourage anyone with incontinence to get help no matter how long you have had it.”
Every 3 December, the world celebrates the International Day of People with Disability. Join us in celebrating and raising awareness!