Wed 16, Dec 2020

Travis MonkFinding yourself needing to go to the toilet a lot? Men’s health physiotherapist Travis Monk answers common questions around frequent urination (emptying the bladder often). 

As a physiotherapist, I often hear from men who’ve noticed they need to urinate more than normal. They may also experience their bladder not feeling fully empty afterwards. It’s normal for men to be urinating 4-6 times in the day and once during the night.  

Usually, having to get up and head to the toilet many times throughout the night is the most upsetting issue. This has an obvious effect on sleep quality, mental health, thinking and relationships.  

Many stories have been told by men about near misses with leakages and falls. Also, being in the bad books with their wife as a result of nightly wakings. 

Why does it happen?  

Frequent urination in men can commonly be caused by prostate enlargement, an overactive bladder, or treatment for tumours in the bladder or prostate (like prostate surgery). Something unavoidable – getting older – is also linked to prostate enlargement and a weaker stream of urine.  

It is important you see a medical professional for a check and to rule out other conditions such as diabetes. Seek urgent medical care if you have any sudden changes

Is there help available?  

Absolutely, lifestyle changes and pelvic floor muscle exercises can make a real difference. I recommend you see a health professional who will look at your lifestyle and medications to find what’s right for you. You can phone the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66 to find services in your area. 

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