How to use Toilet Tactics 

Here are some simple steps to help get you started. 

Identify a teacher or staff member from your school to champion this program. This could be the teacher who is head of student school council or student welfare. 

Identify a group of students to help lead the project. This could be the student school council or a group of students who want to help improve their school. It could form part of a health promotion program for students. 

Let your whole school community know about the Toilet Tactics program. This could be done through regular updates in your school newsletter and announcements at school assemblies. 

Check your school toilets using the School Toilet Checklist. This will help you decide if your school toilets require any improvements. The School Toilet Checklist should be ticked off at least once a term to make sure your school stays on track and meets your school toilet charter obligations. 

Ask your students to complete the student survey. This will give you a sense of what the students think about the school toilets. 

  • The survey could be sent home as an attachment with the school newsletter or as a classroom activity. You could set up a drop box in a communal area for students to return the survey. 
  • A student consent form is also available. 
  • Collate the results of the survey. An automated Excel spreadsheet is available to assist with analysis of survey results. 
  • Provide results of the student survey to the school community 

With the results of the School Toilet Checklist and the student survey, identify and address any areas of your school toilets that need improving. See our Tips on how to improve and maintain toilet standards. 

Develop your School Toilet Charter and consider placing this in the newsletter and displaying it in your school. A sample charter has been provided to get you started. 


Last Updated: Mon 20, Jul 2020
Last Reviewed: Tue 17, Mar 2020