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For more information please contact the National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66. If you have any English language difficulties you can contact the Helpline by using the telephone interpreter service. Call 13 14 50. At first, a person will answer the call in English, name the language you speak and wait on the phone. You will be connected to an interpreter who speaks your language, then tell them you want to call the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66. Wait on the phone to be connected and the interpreter will assist you to speak with a continence nurse advisor. Telephone interpreter services are provided free of charge to you. 欲獲得更多資訊,請致電國家排便節制熱線(National Continence Helpline),電話:1800 33 00 66。如果你在英語方面有困難,你可以透過電話傳譯服務聯繫排便節制熱線,電話:13 14 50。首先,有人會用英語接聽你的電話,請說明你要說的語言種類並且不要掛機。你會被接通至一名說你的語言的傳譯員,然後請告知他們你想致電國家排便節制熱線,電話是1800 33 00 66。待電話接通後傳譯員會幫助你與排便節制護理顧問對話,電話傳譯服務是免費的。

Last Updated: Fri 30, Jul 2021
Last Reviewed: Tue 17, Mar 2020