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Funding schemes for continence products


For some people, it is necessary to use continence products such as pads, pants, catheters, urine drainage bags or bedding protection products to manage their condition. For some people, the continence products may be needed long term. Consequently, the cost of these products becomes very expensive, putting unreasonable pressure on the household budget.


A continence clinic or the National Continence Helpline can provide you with contact details for suppliers of continence products. They can also provide you with information about your eligibility for funding schemes, which may assist with the ongoing costs of purchasing and replacing continence products.


Note: An assessment by a continence nurse advisor is recommended to ensure that you or the person you are caring for uses the most appropriate continence product, including the correct fit and application of the product.


There are various funding schemes available for continence products funded by the Australian Government. These schemes have differing eligibility criteria and funding allocations, and it is important to note is that you may be eligible to apply for government funding through several schemes. Australian Government funding schemes are open to all Australian citizens who meet the eligibility criteria, regardless of which state of Australia they live in.


Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS)


The Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) is available to people aged five years and over, with permanent and severe incontinence due to:



  • neurological conditions such as paraplegia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida , dementia or permanent and severe intellectual impairment
  • other causes such as radiation therapy, certain cancers, prostate disease or prolapse and have a valid Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card (if they are under 16 years of age, their parent/guardian holds a Pensioner Concession Card).


To apply you will need to complete a CAPS application form, which includes a Health Report from your medical practitioner or continence nurse about your condition.


Eligible CAPS clients receive a payment of $521.00 for the 2012-13 financial year (indexed annually) for continence products.



You are NOT eligible for CAPS if:



  • your incontinence is not permanent or can be treated with an existing conservative treatment regime, medication or surgery
  • you are a high care resident in an Australian Government funded aged care home
  • you are eligible for assistance with continence aids under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP), or
  • you receive an Australian Government funded Extended Aged Care Home Package (EACH Package) or an Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia Package (EACH D Package).


Contact Medicare Australia on 132 011 (select general enquiries option) to obtain a CAPS application form. Further information on CAPS and eligibility criteria is also available from the Australian Government Bladder and Bowel website



Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)Department of Veterans’ Affairs



The Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) provides a range of incontinence products to eligible veterans and war widows via the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). If you are an entitled veteran or war widow, you can access support if you:



  • hold a Gold Card (eligible for treatment of all conditions whether or not they are related to war service)
  • hold a White Card and the incontinence is a result of a specific accepted disability
  • have been assessed by a health professional as requiring products for incontinence, or
  • require products as part of your overall health care management.


Gold and White Card holders are not eligible if they are residents receiving high level aged care.


A form requesting the incontinence products is filled out by the assessing doctor or health professional. It is then sent to an authorised product supplier on behalf of the client.



For all enquiries relating to the Rehabilitation Appliances Program please call the National Continence Contract Team at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs on 1300 131 945.



Other funding schemes



There is also a range of state/territory government funding schemes available. For more information please contact the National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66. If you have any English language difficulties you can contact the Helpline by using the telephone interpreter service. Call 13 14 50. At first, a person will answer the call in English, name the language you speak and wait on the phone. You will be connected to an interpreter who speaks your language, then tell them you want to call the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66. Wait on the phone to be connected and the interpreter will assist you to speak with a continence nurse advisor. Telephone interpreter services are provided free of charge to you.







理遗诊所或国家排便节制热线(National Continence Helpline)可以为你提供排便节制产品供应商的联系方式。他们也可以为你提供获取资助计划资格的信息,以资助你不断购买及更换排便节制产品。



注: 我们建议你接受一项由便节制护理顾问对你进行的评估以确保你或者你照护的人使用的是最合适的排便节制产品,包括产品的正确安装和使用。













  • 神经疾病,例如:截瘫、脑瘫、多发性硬化症、脊柱分裂、痴呆或永久性严重的智力障碍;
  • 其他原因,例如:放射治疗、特定癌症、前列腺疾病或器官下垂且申请人拥有有效的Centrelink福利金领取者优惠卡(如果他们不满16周岁,他们的家长/监护人持有该优惠卡)。













  • 你的失禁症状不是永久的或以通过目前的保守治疗药物治疗或手术治愈;
  • 你是澳洲政府资助的养老院中需要高度护理的居民;
  • 根据Department of Veterans’ Affairs Rehabilitation Appliances ProgramRAP有资格获取排便节制辅助用具补助或者
  • 你参加了由澳洲政府资助的长期养老院计划Extended Aged Care Home Package ,简称EACH 计划)或者痴呆者长期居家养老服务计划Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia Package,简称EACH D 计划)



请致电Medicare Australia获得CAPS申请表,电话:132 011 (选择一般查询general enquiries选项)。欲获得更多关于CAPS和资格标准的信息请登录澳洲政府膀胱及肠道网站,网址:



Department of Veterans’ Affairs ——康复用品计划 RAP



联邦政府Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) 通过康复产品计划(RAP)为符合资格的退伍军人和战争遗孀提供一系列的排便节制产品。如果你是一名符合资格的退伍军人或者战争遗孀,而且你符合以下条件,那么你可以获取资助:



  • 持有金卡(有资格接受所有健康治疗,无论是否是在战时服役造成的);
  • 持有白卡,排便节制的情况已被确认是由某种公认的残疾造成的;
  • 医生评估后确定你需要排便节制产品;或者
  • 排便节制产品是你整体健康管理的一部分。










所有关于康复用品计划的查询请致电Department of Veterans’ Affairs下属的国家排便节制合同小组(National Continence Contract Team),电话:1300 131 945







我们还有一系列的国家/地区政府资助计划欲获得更多信息,请致电国家排便节制热线(National Continence Helpline),电话:1800 33 00 66。如果你在英语方面有困难,你可以通过电话传译服务联系排便节制热线,电话:13 14 50。首先,有人会用英语接听你的电话,请说明你要说的语言种类并且不要挂机。你会被接通至一名说你的语言的传译员,然后请告知他们你想致电国家排便节制热线,电话是1800 33 00 66。待电话接通后传译员会帮助你与排便节制护理顾问对话,电话传译服务是免费的。




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