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National Conference on Incontinence

World Continence Week 2017

This year's World Continence Week is June 19-25. The theme, Incontinence: No laughing matter, tackles a common response by people to laugh off incontinence, accepting it as an inevitable part of childbirth or ageing, not a health issue requiring specialist treatment. 

The Continence Foundation has developed a double-sided A3 poster promoting the “no laughing matter” message, urging people to treat incontinence seriously and to seek help. The alternate side features the Foundation’s digital #leakface campaign, highlighting the after-effects of bladder leakage.

wcw_15  wcw_15_woman

Download the poster

You can order resources directly online, or download the World Continence Week resource order form and email it to helpline@continence.org.au, or fax to 03 9380 1233. You can also phone 1800 33 00 66 to make your order. 

You can download our web banner should you wish to publicise the week on your website. You can also spread the message on social media using the digital toolkit we have put together.

If you are planning to hold an event or contact local media to publicise World Continence Week, you will find our information kit full of useful ideas, key messages and fast facts. 

Don't forget to enter the World Continence Week Promotion Competition. Find out more and download an entry form.

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