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Australian Bladder Foundation Grants

The Australian Bladder Foundation (ABF) has been established to promote the work of the Continence Foundation of Australia to build healthier communities. The aim is to raise vital funds to ensure the continued development of research to assist people with bladder and bowel dysfunction and incontinence in Australasia. Watch this space for the 2017 round. 

The recipients of the Australian Bladder Foundation 2016 grants are:

'Alternative pharmaceutical treatments for bladder management: An investigation into the potential for histamine and prostaglandin targets' - Christian Moro

'Optimising uptake and implementation of pelvic floor muscle training exercise programs for people with urinary incontinence' - Susan Slade

'Quantifying nocturia: identifying smart technology to expand diagnostic information, generate robust measure and minimises patient burden' - Wendy Bower

ABF research grants

The ABF grants support advances in knowledge that provide direct, tangible benefits in early prevention, detection and management of bladder and bowel dysfunction, by funding applications endorsed by the trustees of the ABF. The ABF grants provide an opportunity for health professionals involved in continence management to apply for research grants when a grant round is announced. The total amount awarded each year is at the discretion of the trustees for the ABF.

A grant application must outline a research proposal supported by a set of aims, methodology and the budget. Applications from a single or a team of investigators are invited as well as new investigators.

The ABF Advisory Committee, endorsed by the trustees of the ABF will review the applications for scientific merit and select the successful grant recipients.

Who may apply?

Only health professional members of the Continence Foundation of Australia may apply for ABF grants. 

Click here to become a member of the Continence Foundation.

Applicants may submit more than one grant application. Grants may range from $5,000 to $20,000 per application.

To apply, read the ABF research grants criteria and download the application form.

Please direct all enquiries to research@continence.org.au or phone 03 9347 2522.