Toilet Training Resources

The Continence Foundation of Australia has several resources available to help your child reach those important development milestones and gain greater toileting independence. All our resources are user friendly with pictures and easy to follow steps, providing a general guide for parents and caregivers. Download your free copies today.


Easy Guide to Toilet Training

Many parents find toilet training their child can be challenging. This booklet is a guide to help you teach your child to use the toilet in four logical steps. Go to Easy Guide to Toilet Training.


One Step at a Time - The Expert Toilet Training Guide

This is a more comprehensive guide to toilet training in a storybook format, which outlines key steps in helping your child learn how to go to the toilet on their own. Go to One Step at a Time - Expert Toilet Training Guide.

Girls and Boys Toileting Sequence Pictures

This fact sheet provides toileting tips with a series of pictures you can use with children to help develop their toileting skills. Go to Girls and Boys Toileting Sequence Pictures.


One Step at a Time - A parent's guide to toilet skills for children with disablity.

This guide provides five practical steps for parents to help children with disability, to develop the skills of toileting. This resource is currently undergoing a review and update. Go to One Step at a Time - Parents Guide.