The Australian Bladder Foundation (ABF) was recently established to provide vital funds to foster research, health promotion and education aimed at improving patient care for people with bladder dysfunction in Australasia.

Earlier this year nine applications were submitted, and the six successful recipients of ABF grants were announced at last month’s AGM, held during the 24th National Conference on Incontinence.They are:

  • Anna Rosamilia: Minisling or retropubic sling in women with intrinsic sphincter deficiency - a RCT study (mini RISD)
  • Nevine te West: The effect of 12 weeks of topical oestriol cream on symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and vaginal atrophy
  • Patrina Caldwell: Pilot study of using a "Potty Monkey" for toilet training in children with special needs
  • Amanda Chung: Detrusor ultrastructural studies in geriatric lower urinary tract dysfunction: correlation of features in ageing bladders and overactive bladders
  • Heather Pierce: Pelvic floor dysfunction, work productivity and work environment: A cross-sectional survey and exploratory study of the nursing and midwifery workforce
  • Naomi Gill: The creation and evaluation of an education intervention in female netball players on knowledge and behaviours pertaining to pelvic floor muscle exercises and stress urinary incontinence

Congratulations to each of the successful applicants. The Continence Foundation community looks forward to learning the outcomes of their research.