Adults with overactive bladders are being recruited for an international study trialling Mirabegron (an alpha agonist), a new class of drug not yet available in Australia.

The international multicentre BESIDE study will compare the outcomes for patients taking the non-PBS drug Vesicare on its own, to that of patients taking Vesicare in combination with Mirabegron. There is no placebo arm to this study.

The trial is being conducted by Continence Matters located at Calvary Hospital North Adelaide. To be eligible to take part, patients need to have:

  1. predominately overactive bladder symptoms (mixed stress and urge incontinence is okay if overactive bladder symptoms predominate);
  1. at least two episodes of incontinence a day; and
  1. more than eight voids per 24 hours.

All patients involved will have a four-week period taking 5mg of Vesicare daily. Those who are completely dry after this time will not be further required for the study.

Participants will not have to undergo urodynamic testing.

For more information about the study contact the clinical trials coordinator at Calvary Hospital on (08) 8239 9457 or visit