Each year, the National Continence Helpline conducts a survey with consumers, carers and health professionals to better understand how we can improve our service.

Of the 27,632 enquiries to the National Continence Helpline in the last financial year (2017-18), 20% were health professionals.

An analysis of the responses showed that 95% of professional respondents selected 6 or higher to indicate they were satisfied with the information provided.

This is what health professionals had to say about how the National Continence Helpline supports them and their patients:

  • 74.6% of professionals say they provided improved advice to clients with incontinence because of contact with the Helpline.
  • 25.4% sought more information online about incontinence because of the contact.
  • 20% changed or modified their practice in relation to the way they manage their client’s continence issues or bladder and bowel health.

Health professional survey feedback:

“Great resources, pleasant helpful staff excellent clear advice that has the ability to educate/support clients and clinicians.”

“I was extremely happy with my recent experience contacting the lovely lady at the Continence Foundation. I needed brochures and posters for my open day. I was given fantastic cultural-based info to pass on ... I was very impressed, as she was extremely helpful and informative, guiding me to online info as well as CAPS funding. My boss was very happy with the quality of the resources provided. Well done!”