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New to this and need (lots of) help

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I am a 32 year old guy in otherwise OK health who spent the best part of the last week in a hospital after losing bladder control. I was released with no root cause or anything and instructions to wear diapers all the time to mitigate the bladder incontinence. 
I have so many questions and all the people at the hospital could say was "just wear diapers" as if they are saying "just wear a blue coat and not a red one" its not that simple. 
How do i change in public, and particularly in the office? tabbed vs pullups (im leaning toward tabs as canging a pullups would require removal of pants shoes and such. how do i not get noticed by my coworkers and if I do how do i explain it? how do i have a social life?how do i meet women? I m single and i cant imagine how it would work...is there a way to meet women with the same condition so we have a built in understanding? how do i tell friends and family? do i? 

There are so many wuestions and so few answers when you get discharge papers and a stack of diapers...

wow - I asked a lot of questions! i just dont know where to turn and am at my whits end...   


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Dear anormalguy,

Welcome to the forum and may I say your recent hospital treatment does sound less than optimal. As you know this is not normal for a man of your age, or in fact a man of any age. My recommendation is to be referred to your local Continence Nurse Advisor (CNA). Please contact the National Continence Helpline on [b]1800 33 00 66[/b] and speak with the CNA on the phone to assist you with this process.

Another suggestion is to go back to your treating GP and ask to be referred to a Urologist for a second opinion. It can be best to seek a second opinion in these circumstances.

I’m not too sure if any of our fellow forum members have any other suggestions; but advice has been asked, so if someone else has advice for amormalguy please contribute to this post.





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Dear anormalguy,

I also had the same answers when I contracted tumours on my bladder, leaving me incontinent.

After trial and error, I found all-in-one cloth nappies which work well for me.

See littleaussiemonster.com.au for these.

I hope it all works out for you.

After I explained the situation my family and friends accepted that I need to wear diapers 24/7,and are not concerned about it.

John Hayes



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You comments re pull ups are sensible. They  are difficult to chnge althought there is a tear panel down the side of the Molicare mobiles.
 I use the  Molicare form pads with a pad and pants systen. Easy to change, just slip out the pad and put a new one in,
 I found the Molicare mobiles did not hav esufficient capacity for a full void form me and they overflowed. The capcty is advertised is not a true working capacticy. A full void may not be absorbed immediatly and you can have a leaking situation. I void aprroximately 650mL but I have found i needd a padwith almost double that capacity.
 I agree with Yazzie get in touch with a specialist.either a continace clinic or a Urologist'
I tell people that I work with at Probus and other mens groups get a pad on as it will give you piece of mind coping bur you must see a health professional in the urolgy are That is inportantd.
Regarding the tape ups I have difficulty using them because of a stroke in 2005 but other I know swear by them.
 Best wishes for your Journey with incontinace it is more common that you think


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Hi,You are are lucky, 15 years ago mr doctor simply said "deal with it"

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