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The Continence Foundation of Australia's Carer of the Year Award acknowledges the important – but often overlooked – role of the 2.65 million at-home carers across Australia. Many of these carers are responsible for the complex role of providing bladder and bowel care.

Nominations are now closed for the Carer of the Year award 2024, proudly sponsored by Night n Day and incontinenceproducts.com.au.

Carer of the Year Award Winner 2024

The winner of the Carer of the Year 2024 is Maria Erceg, from Western Australia.

Maria Erceg has cared for someone almost her whole life. Starting with her mother who had mental illness, her father who suffered from dementia and now her loving husband who is in the late stages of Parkinson’s disease. This caring role has involved a full-time workload of hospital visits, doctors’ appointments, and chemist pick-ups, along with ongoing emotional and physical support.

Maria has taken on these roles in earnest, drawing on support from her family throughout her carer’s journey. 

As quoted by Maria’s daughter, who nominated her for the award, “Despite her challenges, Maria continues to provide kindness, compassion and love to everyone around her. People often say that she is one of the friendliest and kindest people that they have ever met, and it is second nature for her to make sure everyone around her is okay.”

Congratulations Maria, the winner of the Carer of the Year Award 2024.

Carer of the Year Award Winner 2024

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