The Continence Foundation of Australia is proud to announce nominations are now open for the Carer of the Year award, which is to be presented at the joint 31st NCOI & 4th FUS Conference 2023 in Adelaide.


About the award

The Continence Foundation of Australia's Carer of the Year Award acknowledges the important – but often overlooked – role of the 2.65 million at-home carers across Australia. Many of these carers are responsible for the complex role of providing bladder and bowel care.

“This annual award is to honour the unpaid incontinence carers that made such a difference to the community and their loved ones”, CEO of the Continence Foundation Rowan Cockerell said.

“Carers should be acknowledged for the vital role they perform. By nominating someone you know for the Continence Carer of the Year award you are showing you value the extraordinary contribution they make”.

If you are a carer or know someone who is a carer that deserves to be recognised please submit your nominations for Continence Carer of the Year before 31 March 2023.


How to enter

This award is open to carers from all around Australia and nominations are invited from family, friends, health professionals or the person being cared for.

The winner of the Continence Carer of the Year award will receive a prize of $1,000, which will be announced and presented at the joint 31st NCOI & 4th FUS Conference 2023 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, June 14-17 2023.

To nominate a carer for the award please complete the application form below and email to the Continence Foundation of Australia via [email protected] by Friday 31 March 2023.


Application guidelines and further information:

The nominator confirms that:

  • The carer provides continence care
  • The carer has been notified before making the nomination
  • The carer is happy for their story to be published on and in Bridge Magazine

All unpaid carers are eligible to apply for the award. Previous Continence Carer of the Year winners are ineligible to apply.

Anyone can nominate a carer. This includes the carer themselves, a family member, friend, a health professional or the person who receives care. Nominators must notify the carer before making a nomination.

The winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000.

Please complete this nomination form and send to [email protected] before Friday 31 March 2023.

The winner will be announced at the joint 31st NCOI & 4th FUS Conference 14-17 June 2023. They will be notified by phone and their details published on and in Bridge Magazine.

2022 Continence Foundation of Australia Carer of the Year Winner:

The 2022 Continence Carer of the Year Joanne (Jo) McGee, is a wonderful example of the selfless values demonstrated by carers every day.

Jo has been the sole carer for her husband Vin since 1976 after a truck accident resulted in him sustaining C5 tetraplegia ASIA Impairment Scale A just fourteen months after they were married. She took him home from the rehabilitation centre and just got on with living the best life they could and she continues to do that today some 45 years later.

Jo was nominated by Mrs Nicola Bennett, a Community Spinal Nurse who worked with Jo and her husband. In her nomination Nicola wrote “as a team they have travelled and had a social life and done as may things as a “normal” couple would do but understanding how much effort is involved in achieving this is mind boggling. I have never heard her complain and when she can’t or doesn’t know how to do something she automatically consults her husband for advice and instructions. She always makes sure he is a part of everything they do and it is hard to describe the power and connection this couple have”.

Congratulations to Jo, a well-deserved recipient of this award. In recognition of such inspiring individuals we would like to thank all carers for your dedication and ongoing care.

Polaroid_Joanne McGee

Contact us

Please send any questions or queries to [email protected]


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