National Public Toilet Map 

Plan your summer holidays with the national public toilet map.

Need to take the children to the toilet, change a baby’s nappy or find an accessible facility?

The National Public Toilet Map (NPTM) shows the location of more than 23,000 public toilets across Australia, including adult change and baby change facilities. It has proven to be a vital resource for all Australians, especially those with incontinence, travellers and young families. 

More than just a directory, the NPTM allows individuals to filter and search for specific toilet features, including opening hours, wheelchair accessibility and adult change facilities.

The map includes

  • The location of the nearest public toilet

  • Details of opening hours, accessibility, parking and many other features

  • An option for you to add and update public toilets to further expand the map

  • The ability to create and share your own specialty maps. Specialty maps can be shared   as a URL or QR Code, so you can email, print or share it on social media

  • Distance by route, which shows the quickest route to a facility, on foot or by car. This ensures that distances include factors such as one-way roads and building access.


“The National Public Toilet Map is a useful website and app for everyone. It is especially helpful for those who experience incontinence and would otherwise restrict their activity for fear of not having access to a toilet."

Rowan Cockerell, CEO Continence Foundation of Australia

Where to find the National Public Toilet Map


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The National Public Toilet Map is proudly managed by the Continence Foundation of Australia and funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care as part of the National Continence Program.