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National Conference on Incontinence

World Continence Week 2015

World Continence Week is an initiative of the International Continence Society and is coordinated in Australia by the Continence Foundation.

World Continence Week 2015 was held on June 22-28. 

This year’s theme is Tell someone who cares, encouraging people affected by incontinence or those caring for someone with incontinence to seek help by phoning the National Continence Helpline (1800 33 00 66). The theme supports this year’s special project, Carers count: support for continence management, which will be launched during World Continence Week, along with a range of supporting resources.

To further promotional opportunities, the Foundation has this year developed a doubled-sided poster, with the alternate side capitalising on the Foundation’s TV advertising campaign, informing women that bladder leakage – no matter how light – is not normal and to seek help.  

Applications closing soon!

As with previous events, the Continence Foundation is once again holding a promotions competition for the best activity in support of World Continence Week. Applications are closing July 17, 2015, submit your application form now.

Download the promotion competition application form.

World Continence Week - Past events.