Get your continence back

Does bladder leakage stop you doing the things you love: playing with your children or grandchildren, socialising with friends or exercising?

Bladder leakage – no matter how light – is not normal and most cases can be cured or better managed. So get your confidence back by speaking with one of our friendly continence nurse advisors on the free National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66.

Promoting bladder and bowel health

More than 4.8 million Australians experience bladder or bowel control problems. The Continence Foundation of Australia's vision is to have a community free of the stigma of incontinence. We provide information on funding, referral and products. We also offer free resources for individuals, carers and professionals to help treat weak bladder, leakage, constipation and bedwetting. Phone a nurse on 1800 33 00 66 for free advice.

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Exercise stops men getting up at night - study suggests

Just one hour of physical activity per week can significantly reduce the likelihood of nocturia in men, according to a recent Loyola University study.

Learn to do pelvic floor exercise with video

Half the women who've tried to learn pelvic floor exercises from a brochure get it wrong.

Community Health Grants 2015/2016

Individual community health organisations can apply for a total of $1,500 under this one-off grants program.

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Fun, Fitness and the Pelvic Floor - Rochester VIC, Rochester, VIC

22 Oct 2015

This free information session will provide women and men of all ages with great advice on pelvic floor health and pelvic floor safe exercises

Live webinar - Urinary continence management in women: A multidisciplinary approach, Online

27 Oct 2015

Health professionals are invited to this free webinar on the management of urinary incontinence in women

Toilet training your toddler, Horsham, VIC

11 Nov 2015

A free event for parents!

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Online incontinence support forum

Constiaption in children

Great to hear JCP General bladder and bowel health strategies may help your daughter as well. This includes: ·...

Posted on 07 Oct 2015

School for five year old with bladder and bowel incontinence

How frustrating for you. A urologist works on problems with the urinary tract and a gastroenterologist on the gastro-int...

Posted on 04 Oct 2015

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Your local resource centre can provide information, education and advice on bladder and bowel control problems.

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