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Get your continence back

Does bladder leakage stop you doing the things you love: playing with your children or grandchildren, socialising with friends or exercising?

Bladder leakage – no matter how light – is not normal and most cases can be cured or better managed. So get your confidence back by speaking with one of our friendly continence nurse advisors on the free National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66.

Promoting bladder and bowel health

More than 4.8 million Australians experience bladder or bowel control problems. The Continence Foundation of Australia's vision is to have a community free of the stigma of incontinence. We provide information on funding, referral and products. We also offer free resources for individuals, carers and professionals to help treat weak bladder, leakage, constipation and bedwetting. Phone a nurse on 1800 33 00 66 for free advice.

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Launch of Carers Count initiative

Continence Foundation launches new project for family and friend carers

Possible bacteria link to urge urinary incontinence

A study last year at Loyola University Chicago has found that bacteria present in urine may be the cause of urge urinary incontinence.

Men's Health Week

June 15 - 19 is Men's Health Week. While we all know the impact heavy lifting and overweight can have on men’s backs, we may not be as well aware of the impact on their bladder and bowel control.

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National Conference on Incontinence, Melbourne

25 Nov 2015

The 24th National Conference on Incontinence in Melbourne at the Crown Conference Centre, 25-28 November 2015.

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Online incontinence support forum


Lost all bladder control after prostate op six years ago. Tried everything to no avail.Oxytroll not much help unless I u...

Posted on 05 Jul 2015

Incontinence AIDS

Hi had a prostate op 10 weeks ago and incontinence is bad. 8 pads+.Has anyone had good or bad experiences with penile cl...

Posted on 04 Jul 2015

Local resource centres

Find your local Centre

Your local resource centre can provide information, education and advice on bladder and bowel control problems.

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