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Continence inspires confidence

Thu 21, Aug 2014
The Continence Foundation of Australia echoes the messages about confidence being promoted by Jean Hailes during Women's Health Week next week. more...

It's Tradies National Health Month

Tue 19, Aug 2014
It's Tradies National Health Month, and many of the health messages being promoted by campaign initiators Australian Physiotherapy Association and Steel Blue Work Boots are the same as ours. more...

Radio National's program on adolescent bedwetting

Thu 07, Aug 2014
A Radio National program hosted by Natasha Mitchell earlier this week brought the issue of bedwetting among adolescents into the open. more...

Healthy Bones Week - Weak bones, weak bladders

Tue 05, Aug 2014
More and more research is showing that incontinence and osteoporosis are closely linked, which has significant lifestyle implications for women approaching middle age and older. more...

Winners of the conference scholarship program announced

Fri 01, Aug 2014
Congratulations to the 10 health professionals from rural and remote Australia who have been successful in receiving a scholarship to attend the 23rd National Conference on Incontinence more...

Continence winners bound for Cairns

Tue 29, Jul 2014
The winner of the 2014 World Continence Week Promotions Competition has been announced. more...

School toilets under the microscope

Thu 24, Jul 2014
If your child rush to the toilet as soon as they get home from school, perhaps their school toilet experience isn’t a particularly good one. more...

Light bladder leakage - a misleading euphemism

Thu 17, Jul 2014
You’ll never hear a continence health professional use the term “light bladder leakage”. You’ll certainly hear it in a sales and marketing environment, though. more...

World Continence Week wrap-up

Thu 10, Jul 2014
World Continence Week, 2014, has been and gone, but its impact on mothers and pregnant women will continue well into the future. more...

Diabetes and incontinence

Thu 03, Jul 2014
It's National Diabetes Week next week, July 13 - 19. Did you know that type 2 diabetes can exacerbate any bladder and bowel control problems you may be having? more...

Media release – Young mums ignore health warning

Mon 23, Jun 2014
A new study by the Continence Foundation of Australia shows pregnant women and mums are ignoring their pelvic floor health. Despite being in a high-risk category, the study found just 2 per cent do pelvic floor exercises regularly, and almost three in four women experience incontinence. more...

Keeping mum about incontinence

Wed 18, Jun 2014
Out-dated attitudes, such as accepting incontinence after childbirth as normal, are alive and well, even among the most educated in the community. more...

When the pelvic floor can take no more

Tue 10, Jun 2014
Midwives are invited to attend a free educational forum, Pelvic floor awareness and prolapse prevention, on June 26 at Nunawading. The consequences of ignoring the pelvic floor when straining or exercising can be traumatic and dramatic, as Mildura continence nurse Katherine Modoo discovered. more...

Men can leak too

Tue 03, Jun 2014
For men, apart from prostate surgery, the three big culprits for urinary incontinence are: being overweight; constipation; and heavy lifting. more...

Winter edition of Bridge about to hit mailboxes

Tue 27, May 2014
Winter arrives next week, which means the Winter 2014 edition of Bridge will arrive in subscribers’ mail boxes next week. more...

5000 download pelvic floor-safe exercises app in first six months

Tue 13, May 2014
The popular app features safe exercises for women and men who want to improve their fitness without compromising their pelvic floor. more...

Don’t let asthma put a dampener on things

Thu 24, Apr 2014
Even though asthma is a condition affecting the respiratory system, it often contributes to the risk of bladder leakage. more...

Who cares about the carers?

Fri 28, Mar 2014
Unless the government provides greater support for 2.6 million unpaid carers, it faces a looming health crisis. more...

Patients with overactive bladders needed

Tue 18, Mar 2014
Are you an adult with an overactive bladder? An international study trialling a new drug is recruiting now. more...

Tightening the plumbing

Thu 13, Mar 2014
A Sydney physiotherapist takes a critical look at the conventional pelvic floor training regime for men post-prostate surgery. more...

Media release: Information about incontinence in 27 languages

Wed 05, Mar 2014
Imagine trying to talk about incontinence with someone who doesn’t speak your language. more...

Media release: A little weight loss goes a long way

Tue 11, Feb 2014
It’s a little known fact, but losing just a small amount of weight can make a huge difference to the likelihood of becoming incontinent. more...

Subscribe now to get the Bridge autumn edition

Wed 05, Feb 2014
Our free consumer magazine is close to completion and will be in subscribers’ mailboxes or electronic inboxes the first week of March. more...

Community Health Grants available now

Wed 22, Jan 2014

Community health organisations are invited to apply for a grant of up to $1500 to run bladder and bowel health promotion activities.


Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?

Tue 07, Jan 2014

Did you know a small amount of weight loss can make a big difference to the chances of having urinary incontinence?


Toilet Tactics Kit take-up reaches 1000 schools

Tue 10, Dec 2013

Good news! An increasing number of Australian children are adopting healthier bladder and bowel habits.


Media release: New app keeps you dry while staying in shape

Tue 03, Dec 2013

Did you know some exercises can make people wet themselves?


Inspired by Pelvic Floor First

Mon 02, Dec 2013

When women's health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist Gill Smith attended the launch of the Pelvic Floor First campaign back in November 2011 she was inspired by the name of the campaign. 


Pelvic floor awareness in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond

Mon 02, Dec 2013

Having a baby makes a woman three times more likely to leak than a woman who hasn't had one. In fact, one in three women who've ever had a baby will wet themselves. In the majority of cases, however, urinary incontinence as a result of pregnancy and childbirth is preventable and treatable.


Free Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise app now available

Mon 25, Nov 2013

The app features video workouts and exercise guide. Save your favourites!


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