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Incontinence: A problem in anyone's language

Talking about incontinence can be difficult, but it doesn't matter what language you speak, help is available.

Our language pages have fact sheets and audio translations on bedwetting, pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles, and products.

Incontinence is important in any language, find the help you need in your language:

Promoting bladder and bowel health

More than 4.8 million Australians experience bladder or bowel control problems. The Continence Foundation of Australia's vision is to have a community free of the stigma of incontinence. We provide information on funding, referral and products. We also offer free resources for individuals, carers and professionals to help treat weak bladder, leakage, constipation and bedwetting. Phone a nurse on 1800 33 00 66 for free advice.

Find help and get involved

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Don't let hayfever put a dampener on things.

Even though hayfever is an allergic condition affecting the eyes, ears, nose and throat, it can often have other impacts that aren’t quite so obvious.

Spring 2014 edition of Bridge out soon.

The next edition of Bridge is out September 1 and it features a diverse range of topics - from the nuts and bolts of prostatectomy to turning prolapse on its head.

Continence inspires confidence

The Continence Foundation of Australia echoes the messages about confidence being promoted by Jean Hailes during Women's Health Week next week.

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Secret Women's Business, Brisbane

04 Sep 2014

A free forum for women to celebrate women's health week

23rd National Conference on Incontinence 2014, Cairns

10 Sep 2014

Joint meeting with the ICCS and UGSA.

Healthy Habits in FNQ, Cairns

10 Sep 2014

A free information evening about bladder, bowel and pelvic floor health

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Online continence support forum

Pain/heavy feeling in lower tummy prior to leagage.

Hi AnonI'm just looking at Mint's summary and agree with his sugestion to get some follow up through your doctor. It's n...

Posted on 02 Sep 2014

Pain/heavy feeling in lower tummy prior to leagage.

Hi Anon 21285It is great to meet you and yes of course you are normal..... !!!!! Continence issues are extremely co...

Posted on 02 Sep 2014

Local resource centres

Find your local Centre

Your local resource centre can provide information, education and advice on bladder and bowel control problems.

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