When 24-year-old Christin Young walked into the urology clinic at a major Sydney hospital, she was struck by the fact that she was the only person under 30 in the
Pelvic Floor Muscle Training in men - correct technique Firstly, think of what it feels like to be busting to go to the toilet and the pressure "down there." What
By Vicki Patton, Clinical Services lead, continence foundation of australia WHY DO I SOIL MY UNDERWEAR? Having a small amount of bowel incontinence (or soiling) can be very distressing and
WHAT ARE LOWER URINARY TRACT SYMPTOMS (LUTS)? Article provided with kind permission of Healthy Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), also known as urinary problems, covers a broad range of
There is not much that is interesting about a bin, but for one in ten Australian men, the presence of disposal bins for incontinence products in public toilets can have
REHABILITATION FOR MALE PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES WITH PHYSIOTHERAPIST DAVID COWLEY David Cowley works as the Men’s Health Clinical Stream Leader at Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in Brisbane. He has a special
In March 2011, Allan became severely incontinent after undergoing an operation to remove his prostate gland due to cancer. After seeing a Nurse Continence Specialist, he joined a support group
“It is a myth that incontinence is only a women’s problem; it’s more common in men than we appreciate.” These are the words of Dr Darren Katz, a urologist, and
As an Air Force veteran, Alan was never afraid to speak his mind. This might explain why he is comfortable talking to groups of forty or four hundred about his
Pelvic Floor Muscle Function in men: Continence Control for Life! In 2021, World Continence Week focused on the national launch of the BINS4Blokes campaign, which highlighted a massive gap in