Each year, the Continence Foundation of Australia calls for nominations for the Carer of the Year Award, to publicly recognise the important role that carers hold in ensuring the health
Council on the Aged (COTA) Victoria Sadly, older people often experience ageism, which can result in them being viewed as a homogenous group by policymakers who make decisions on funding
Ray's story - Managing incontinence after an accident In May 1999, on the night of his 50th birthday, Ray was involved in a serious car accident. He suffered broken ribs
Nurse Continence Specialist Janie Thompson, Clinical Services Manager, Continence Foundation of Australia talks Laxatives Laxatives are a commonly used medication to treat and manage constipation, however many people don’t realise
John's Story - An artificial urinary sphincter changed my life In 2010, John Deady was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The cancerous cells were unable to be fully removed via operation
Ann's Story - "A Bladder Augmentation Gave Me Freedom" As a child, Ann developed an aversion to using the toilet, and instead attempted to hold her urine. Consequently, the muscular
Faecal Incontinence by Dr Rosemary Crone Dr Rosemary Crone is a geriatrician who specialises in continence. She works at Barwon Health in the community continence clinic based at the McKellar
Providing a Light at the End of the Tunnel - Dr Michael Whishaw "Nocturia is more common as you age, but it is not always an issue with the bladder
Pelvic Floor Maintenance for Seniors Pelvic Floor Maintenance for Seniors by Kathryn Rogers, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist at Alfred Health and Elizabeth Crowe, Nurse Continence Specialist at Alfred Health. Incontinence and
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