Thu 13, Jun 2019

Pregnancy Plan Banner

The Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan app is there to guide you to protect your pelvic floor in pregnancy and beyond. And best of all, it’s completely free — with no pesky ads. You can put in a due date and the information will be tailored to your milestones.

Why is strengthening your pelvic floor muscles important?

The softening effect of the hormone relaxin and the increasing weight of your baby places pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. This can make it harder for the muscles to hold your pelvic floor organs in their correct position. The pelvic floor muscles and ligaments are also stretched at birth, which can sometimes lengthen the tissues permanently.

Daily reminders to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises cut through the ‘baby brain’ and can be set at convenient times of your choosing.

The Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan smart phone app was developed in conjunction with The Pregnancy Centre and with input from women who are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby.

Search for the Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan app on the App Store and Google Play on your smart phone or device.