Wed 29, May 2019


More than 600 delegates attended last month’s national conference in Adelaide to hear from five international leaders and several New Zealand and Australia-based experts about the most recent developments in the field of incontinence.

Program topics were wide-ranging, and included the role of the urinary mircobiome in bladder dysfunction, new frontiers in anorectal surgery, the conservative management of post-prostatectomy incontinence, and the assessment and management of chronic pelvic pain.

A recurring theme from many of those presenting was the complexity of the causes of bladder or bowel dysfunction and the increasingly evident value of a holistic approach.

The breadth of practice of delegates and presenters at this year’s conference reflected this shift in approach, with occupational therapy, dietetics, psychology and psychiatry represented among the more traditional disciplines of physiotherapy, urology, urogynaecology and continence nursing.

The recipient of the Hartmann-sponsored Carer of the Year award, Moira Turnbull, was announced, as were the 10 recipients of the Conference scholarships.

Continence Foundation of Australia’s CEO Rowan Cockerell said the 2016 annual conference was strongly supported by members.

“The conference, delivered in association with UGSA, is the most significant scientific meeting in the southern hemisphere for health professionals with an interest in incontinence.”