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Small Lifestyle Changes – an Investment for Retirement

Fri 19, Jun 2020
Caravans, cruises, community groups, volunteering, hobbies, family time, lazy coffees and morning newspaper…the sweet scent of freedom associated with the ‘golden years’ of retirement.

Jacinta’s story

Fri 19, Jun 2020
During the COVID-19 pandemic we've all had a taste of what life is like when you can't do the things you want to do. But for many Australians, this is their reality every day.

Rob's story

Fri 19, Jun 2020
As someone who works in cancer research, I know how common prostate cancer is in Australia. But it didn’t lessen the impact of my own prostate cancer diagnosis two years ago.

Are you worried about running out of toilet paper and not being able to travel?

Fri 19, Jun 2020
Are you worried about running out of toilet paper and not being able to travel? I’m not talking about COVID-19, but a health problem affecting millions of Australians every day – incontinence.

'Invest in Continence' and gain control…of bladder, bowel and erectile function

Fri 19, Jun 2020
For men, taking better care of yourself may have an added incentive. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can improve erectile function along with overall health and wellbeing.

5 Healthy Habits to help you live independently longer

Mon 15, Jun 2020
Incontinence costs the nation more than $67 billion annually and is one of the leading reasons older Australians are admitted to residential aged care.
As part of World Continence Week, (15-22 June) senior Australians are being encouraged to invest time in healthy habits to prevent incontinence.

A conversation was the break-through Amy needed

Tue 09, Jun 2020
Amy, 31, found that the pelvic pain she was experiencing after the birth of her daughter didn’t go away. She was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction and bladder and bowel (rectocele) prolapse. She shared her story with Bridge readers.

Is posture important for continence?

Tue 09, Jun 2020
Take a moment to think about how you’re holding your body right now. This is posture: the way you sit, stand or even lie down. It actually has a lot to do with your bladder, bowel and pelvic health.

5 minutes with Rachel Andrew

Tue 09, Jun 2020
Rachel Andrew is a Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, based in Hobart, Tasmania. Rachel is passionate about women having access to pelvic floor physiotherapy and being able to talk about intimate symptoms in a safe space.

COVID-19 and the gut

Tue 09, Jun 2020
When gastroenterologist Dr Vincent Ho first heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, he never expected it to be quite so related to his speciality. Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that looks at gastrointestinal (gut or digestive system) issues.

Pelvic health with Lori

Tue 09, Jun 2020
Brisbane physiotherapist, host of The Pelvic Health Podcast and ambassador for Always Discreet, Lori Forner, shares her insights on menopause.

Men’s health Q&A

Tue 09, Jun 2020
For Men’s Health Week, 15 to 21 June 2020, the National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66 is answering questions around men’s bladder, bowel and pelvic health.

Let’s talk about prolapse: Stephanie’s story

Tue 09, Jun 2020
After experiencing a traumatic childbirth injury and pelvic organ prolapse, Stephanie Thompson’s direction in life was changed. Now a published author, advocate, mum of two and founder of the Bravemumma community, Stephanie is on a mission to continue opening the conversation about pelvic health and childbirth.

The 29th National Conference on Incontinence goes digital

Thu 14, May 2020
Australia’s premier multidisciplinary meeting for professionals working in bladder, bowel and pelvic floor health will be delivered online during October.

FAQs – Continence and COVID-19

Mon 04, May 2020
In order to help you at this time we are answering the most asked questions about continence products and availability. We hope this information helps you. If you have further questions, please call our National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66.

‘I’m not willing to give up on running’: Mel’s prolapse story

Fri 27, Mar 2020
An avid runner, Mel was in the middle of training for her second half marathon when she found out she was in the early stages of pregnancy. Now almost five years later, at 36, a prolapse diagnosis means the type of running she loved is off the table – for now.

High intensity training and incontinence

Fri 27, Mar 2020
High intensity training is extremely popular, possibly because of its suggested health benefits and time savings. Exercises often included in these types of workouts are linked to urinary incontinence. What does this mean for you?

5 minutes with Joanne Dean

Fri 28, Feb 2020
Joanne is a nurse practitioner working in aged care and continence in Canberra, ACT. She has over 25 years’ experience in continence assessment and management of adults and children with bladder and bowel dysfunction.

New standards for aged care

Fri 28, Feb 2020
Know your rights under the new Aged Care Quality Standards, in place from 1 July 2019.

What to do about UTIs

Fri 28, Feb 2020
Urinary tract infections (UTI) can interfere with daily life, intimacy and even land you in hospital. What exactly are they and how can you try and avoid the nasty symptoms?

‘A UTI is one of my first memories’: Caitlin’s story

Fri 28, Feb 2020
Caitlin Daly, NSW, has dealt with urinary tract infections (UTIs) since she was only five years old. While it has been challenging, the experience eventually inspired her choice of career.

Not everybody ‘outgrows’ bedwetting – Matt’s story

Fri 28, Feb 2020
Matt* (name changed) has shared his story with Bridge readers.

Can Australia afford incontinence?

Fri 28, Feb 2020
Incontinence is expensive. We’re talking the kind of expensive that totals 67 billion Australian dollars. That’s the estimated total cost of incontinence in Australia, based on a 2010 Deloitte report.

Bowel health Q&A

Fri 28, Feb 2020
The National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66 has answered the questions you’ve been wondering about bowel motions and diet.

How to talk to your PT about pelvic issues – and do you need to?

Fri 06, Dec 2019
It can be challenging to find a fitness professional you feel comfortable enough to discuss these matters with. Rest assured that you aren’t the only one in this situation!

You can’t coupon your way to a strong pelvic floor

Fri 06, Dec 2019
Everybody likes a 2 for 1 deal! You’ve heard that you can strengthen your pelvic floor just by doing ab, hip or glute work. It sounds appealing, but what does the research say?

5 minutes with Helen O'Connell

Thu 05, Dec 2019
Helen O’Connell is a Professor, Department of Surgery, at the University of Melbourne and the Director of Surgery and Head of Urology at Western Health, Victoria. She is a leading researcher in the area of female pelvic anatomy and was the first woman to complete training as a urologist in Australia. Prof O’Connell is the Chair for the 2021 International Continence Society meeting in Melbourne.

Pelvic floor training – a men's issue

Thu 05, Dec 2019
We know that exercising your pelvic floor muscles can help bladder and bowel control, but two physios have done some research and found that there can be a happy side effect.

Caring through grief – the Fear family's story

Thu 05, Dec 2019
The 2019 Continence Foundation’s Carer of the Year Award recipients are Vanda and Keith Fear, from Curlewis in Victoria.

Heading on holiday? Don't let incontinence stop you enjoying some time away

Thu 05, Dec 2019
The most important thing to do when going on holiday is to plan ahead. This will make your travel experience run as smoothly as possible and give you peace of mind. Here are some tips to help you manage bladder and bowel concerns.

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