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Hi there,
I'm very glad to have found this website. I've recently been diagnosed with an overactive bladder and at 22 years old and no pregnancies this really worries me. From reading forums from the US and UK I've learnt that continence issues in young people are a lot more common than I thought.
I wonder if a support forum for young people could be added to ths website? Maybe some more information or links for young people could also be helpful.
Thanks for your time.  

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quill - moderator

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Hi, welcome aboard! We are really hoping that more young people will start using this forum. So feel free to put a topic out there to start the ball rolling.
We do see overactive bladder a fair bit. In some people, a small bladder capacity has developed over time, especially if parents were constantly nagging them to go to the toilet "just in case". The good news is that it can be readily treated and vastly improved.  


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I guess i would consider myself to be young @ 45 having bladder issues.
I too have an overactive bladder, glad to have found this website & forum. Through the help and information found here i am now trying to resovlve and improve my bladder function.
Incontinence can be a hard issue to deal with.  


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Hi Anon
Bladder problems appear to be so simplistic at first glance but the more you know the more you realize you don't know!
I'm glad you continue to search for answers through some of the information on this and other forums as there are many out there with similar stories to tell.

Let us know of your progress and what you've found success with.




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Hi Anon63639,

I think you should consult to a good doctor for this issue.Don't worry about the pregnancy as you are still young to get pregnant. It's better to cure the bladder problem first. As during pregnancy it will be difficult for you to cure it.  

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