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I finally wore an egosan brief from a pack I had in my closet for a while.They are really comfortable and soft and easy to put on myself.  I put a tranquiity liner inside and was able to reuse the brief after a bowel movement.  If I ever go to italy I will these there rather than bring huge supplies.  being double incont. and full time, I need to carry lots of supplies and plastic pants in its a two week trip.  


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G'day all ..Joining here was suggested to me from a now living overseas friend who was incontinent after major surgery  and knew about my frustrating problem . After a fair while I finally decided to do so .   I'm 58  now  and  have pretty much always never been free of  wetting my bed  either in isolation or a few times in a hurry after a dry period of time. 
Before anyone asks , I've had most the numerous tests over the years when I talk to different doctors  and continence professionals about it . I've had remedial methods like alarms , also medication , exercise regimes , everything but hypnosis over the years  . I even got asked once much to my disgust whether it might be regressive behaviour .  NO IT ISN'T ...especially after enduring the humiliation of being the eldest of three kids that was the only bedwetter . Nothing is more humiliating than telling your own Mum that you'd wet your bed again . 
Thankfully I have no issues during the day, fairly normal retention capacity , nothing abnormal  I've been assured , not a drinker of alcohol , not especially overweight , don't think I drink too much caffienated  stuff  either . Tried different lifestyle and sleeping habit changes over the years too. 
I use mattress protection , when it starts to happen again after a time and I use Tena adult nappies  or Discreet or similar pull on pants  until it stops  again . 
My question is does anybody else have this hit and miss problem that I suppose I have become accustomed to or am I just an oddity . Not angry or ashamed , just frustrated when wet sheets /pants/nappy   happen again .   Cheers  ..



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No, I have faecal incontinence due to Crohn's Disease and multiple bowel removal surgeries (resections).  But it sounds like a downright pain as well!  My sympathies to you, Two Sheepdogs; must have been very hard to endure this long-term, as a child growing up and as an adult!  

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