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Quadriplegia and Incontinence

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Hi there,
I have a new client who is a quadriplegic as a result from a severe ABI. Extremly sensitive to touch especially the legs. The client wears incontinence pads 24/7. The problem is that the carers before me had been treating a minor skin tear in the groin region with sudocrem. It has been caked on day in day out. No one can clean it thouroughly as the client is in utter discomfort and does yell in pain at the carer/s I need help as to what the best painless (as possible) way to remove gunked up sudocrem from a very excoriated area. I am afraid of what i may see underneath the cream.I have been reccommended from slathering sorbelene cream before shower to moisten the sudocrem and wipe with cotton balls and warm water after the shower.
Shaving cream (ouch i beleive this would penetrate already broken down skin)
A flannel lathered with soap (not as easy as it sounds)
Thank you for reading and i hope someone can help me come up  with an ideal way to first and foremost clean this so i can take action.  


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Hello lisaw, here is some advice from one of our helpline nurses:
It is helpful to use/important to use the same product line where possible.Molicare Skin Protect is a very good range of products for protection as well as assisting in healing as it has a skin Ph which is alkaline.Skin Protect foam is used to assist in removing   build up of other products used.It is easy to use the spray foam, spray &  leave for approximately 5 minutes before gently wiping using the Molicare wipes.Then use Skin Barrier Cream If there is infection then a swab would be needed & an appropriate antibiotic be used.Molicare disposable underwear should be used for the same reason as skin Ph alkaline.Samples of skin protection can be requested from Molicare.
NB: Sudocream should NEVER  be applied thickly & if used it should be removed prior to further application, a thin application only as the product protects by absorbing into the skin & putting a protective layer over skin.
Shaving cream can be used in certain circumstances, like condom/urodome drainage as it can help remove adhesive build up between application.
Do not use soap as it is acidic & can irritate the skin.
QV wash, or QV gentle wash for washing/showering.
Please call the NCHL for further advice on 1800 33 00 66.  

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