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Reliable containment of urine

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Is there any objective data collected anywhere, preferably by a credible independent body that rates products  in terms of their reliability in terms of not leaking.  I am steadily advancing through various pads available from my NHS provider; at each point there has to be a detailed assessment Bladder diary and a questionnaire with some weird questions - What does your poo look like?  etc etc to provide evidence for making a change to the pad I am being supplied with. I just want something that I can very confidently rely on at work as an active male and without numerous layers! - I teach. I am starting to wonder if the truth may be that all these products are significantly liable to leak. It seems to me that the closest consideration that is given in terms of a rating is how absorbant various pads are by  the droplet ratings on the package , but this is not the same as rating the secure containment of urine. I am currently using pads with a high rating in droplets ie very absorbent, but still getting numerous leaks and in the workplace, even 95 out of 100 in terms of reliability still means a disaster not too far away. Presumably, it would be easy to set up a fair standardised  leak test protocol with an automaton to simulate walking, sitting, flexing and peeing with various flow rates and penile position.  Surely it would be a great help rather than having to personally assess them and discover by trial and error.           

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