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Mint's new job.

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Hi Everyone


Well, I have been at my new job in a small office in the city for two weeks now and I can  give you all some feedback.


The job is just fine, well within my scope and I like the other people who work there, so no problems there at all.


The toilet cubicle is private and big enough for me to change in, but there is only one small bin by the sink for paper towels, so I decided that I would not use it for wet pads and will take the wet ones home with me to throw away whenever necessary. However, as I am only working there half days, I have discovered that so far I do not get wet enough at work to need to change there and change when I get home.


Even so, I still take my shoulder bag to work with a few dry changes in just in case I need them and Yazzie has given me a few packs of disposable bags especially made for wet pads. They are just the right size for my medium absorbency tape-on nappy types, provided that I roll them up and tape them closed. I used to keep a few small bin liners in my shoulder bag for this purpose, but these especially made ones seem a lot nicer somehow …… Thanks Yazzie.


How do you manage your continence issues at work? …… Are the facilities suitable or do you have another plan?


Do let us know, as we are very interested in how you are coping.








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Dear Mint,

So glad to hear your new job is going great and that you are settling in to your new routine. 

Can I say I hear you about the size of bins in Men’s toilets?

The bins are exceptionally small and any man with an incontinence problem managed with pads really is forced to use the disabled toilets. Which is not a bad thing, but the correct police may then state to them that they are not disabled and should not use them. Hence you can feel embarrassed for using a facility that is justifiably used.

Little do the general public know about the invisible disabilities people have. 

Cheers Yazzie



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This is actually reply to Yazzie.
I uase the plastic single use bags for my wet pads.  I normally change oce per outing but withn the demise of plastic supermarket bags i will have nothing to put the pads in when out.
I am interestecx in what other peopleare using nfor wet Pads. Northland SC in melbourne accepts pags in the nappy bin. I is the only SC that says so, although several of the pubs I have been to have a bigger pind for pads but they must be wrapped to prevent smell.
I see you have recommended some bags for Mint. Can you point me in The right directiuon please.



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Sorry Mint. Congratulations on settling in to the new job

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