Smart Continence Care means choosing the best care for the best you 

Individuals, carers and family members need: 

  • Information
  • Clear communication
  • Choices
  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Support 
  • Timely, responsive and safe care

the consumer guide to continence care in residential aged care 

The Consumer Guide to Continence Care in Residential Aged Care is being codesigned with consumers and their carers. Its aim is to support consumers in aged care facilities and their family and/or nominated care partners to understand what continence care is, and what they can expect in terms of continence care.

This will include understanding consumers’ rights to continence care, details of a continence assessment plan, and a checklist of recommended questions to ensure the consumer gets the right continence care according to their individual needs and preferences. For example, ‘what type of assistance does the consumer need to ensure they get to the toilet in time?’ and ‘how can I give feedback about my care, and will it be
acted upon?

benefits to consumers

  • Each consumer is supported in ways that meet their physical, social, mental, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs, enhancing their overall quality of life
  • Supported and content consumers whose continence care is dignified and respectful 
  • Person-centred through informed shared decision making
  • Optimises consumers functional abilities 
  • Regular opportunities for feedback and assessment 
  • Continence care is safe, timely and responsive 

Last Updated: Mon 19, Sep 2022
Last Reviewed: Tue 17, Mar 2020