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Thursday 15 June - Sponsored by Coloplast

Risky business - Building a unified approach to assessing UTIs risks factors

Thursday 15 June, 7am - 8:15am

Evidence has shown that clients  undertaking intermittent catheterisations will experience between 2 -3 urinary tract infections on average per year.  Extensive research has revealed that UTIs are a serious and multifactorial condition, and that a proactive approach is required to manage them at their causes.
Join Kylie Wicks for a breakfast discussion,  a holistic approach to assessing UTIs amongst IC users and the clinical benefits of utilising an assessment tool to improve client  outcomes.

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Friday 16 June - Sponsored by Medtronic

Sacral Neuromodulation Therapy for Functional Urology Presented by Dr Howard Goldman

Friday 16 June, 7am - 8:15am

This Breakfast Symposium will provide an overview of Sacral Neuromodulation (SNM) therapy and will include:
- Indications for SNM
- Identification of patients who benefit from SNM
- Recent innovations in SNM
- Key clinical data

Seats are limited so be quick to add a ticket to your registration here:  Attend the Medtronic Sponsored Session



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