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Professional development

Professional development opportunities are available in different states for health professionals. Below are an overview of the courses.  


Accredited continence courses

The Benchmarque Group

The accredited courses in  Continence Promotion, Care and Management have been developed in partnership between the Continence Foundation of Australia and The Benchmarque Group.

The Benchmarque Group is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO. 21824) specialising in the development and delivery of nationally accredited clinical skills programs. As an RTO working in the health sector, The Benchmarque Group focus on the delivery of programs designed to provide nurses and other healthcare professionals with the opportunity to expand their skills and careers. Working in the Vocational Education and Training Sector, The Benchmarque Group concentrate on skills and knowledge that can be immediately implemented in a vocational context.

The courses are:

  • Certificate II in Continence Promotion and Care
  • Graduate Certificate in Continence Promotion and Management

These courses are suitable for a range of people, including personal care attendant's, nurses, allied health professionals and Indigenous health workers.

To receive a Course Pack, email and include the word 'continence' in the subject field. Get more information here.


New South Wales

The Advance Practice course, contemporary issues in continence for the advanced practitioner, The College of Nursing.

Continence updating, The College of Nursing.



Continence advisors course, Blue Care

Continence awareness course, Blue Care

Continence promotion course, Blue Care

Continence management and health training short course, CABB Australia


South Australia

Continence nurse advisor, post graduate program, Flinders University

Nursing for Continence, Modules 1 and 2, Flinders University 



Certificate in stomal therapy nursing, Mayfield Education

Certificates and diplomas in urological and continence nursing - distance education, La Trobe University

Continence - catheterising with confidence, Royal District Nursing Service

Continence Management, Royal District Nursing Service

Master of physiotherapy by coursework (women's health and pelvic floor physiotherapy), The University of Melbourne

Postgraduate certificate in physiotherapy (pelvic floor physiotherapy), The University of Melbourne


Western Australia

Continence - post graduate certificate, Hollywood Private Hospital

Postgraduate programs in clinical physiotherapy (continence and women's health major), Curtin University of Technology 

Short courses in continence and women's health, Curtin University of Technology