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NSW Continence Promotions Centre

The Continence Promotion Centre is the NSW branch of the Continence Foundation of Australia. There is an estimated 3.8 million people with an incontinence problem in Australia. Incontinence affects children and adults (young and old).

Question: Can incontinence be cured or improved?
Answer: Yes, yes, yes

70% of people who seek help can be improved or cured. Some people believe only surgery will help or that nothing can be done, when infact most people improve with some simple lifestyle changes. These changes may include a change of diet, the type of fluids you drink or by doing pelvic floor exercises. We advise that you seek help from a professional who can assess you and make recommendations for what treatment is best for you.

Download the NSW Continence Promotion Centre brochure here.

Download the NSW Continence Promotion Outreach Program flyer here.

What can the Continence Promotion Centre do for you?

  • Treatment advice:Registered Nurses are available to discuss treatment options for loss of bowel and bladder control problems. This service is both free and confidential. In most cases the nurse can help you through a program of bladder training or pelvic floor exercises. Remember 70% of people may improve with simple lifestyle changes.
  • Guest speakers: nurses are available to speak to community groups and raise awareness of the fact that simple lifestyle changes can improve incontinence.
  • Education for health professionals.
  • Resources for both the public and health professional.There are books, fact sheets, journal articles and videos. Most resources are free of charge.
  • Public awareness campaigns: remember incontinence affects many age groups and many people with other diseases.
  • Referrals: most continence services within NSW are registered with us. If you need to know what services are close to you then contact us.
  • Product advice: the cost of products for incontinence can be high. Let us help you find the right product. We can also assist you to make an application for assistance from state and federal schemes (if eligible).

Contact us

The Continence Foundation of Australia in NSW


c/o Paraquad

6 Holker St

Newington NSW 2127

Manager: Marilyn Woodcock 
Phone: (02) 8741 5699
Fax: (02) 8741 5690
Opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday

8.30am - 5.00pm


8.30am - 1.00pm 

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