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Pelvic floor fitness, function and more

Kew, Vic

Fri 20 Jan 2017

Personal trainers, group fitness instructors and anybody working in the fitness industry are invited to attend Pelvic floor fitness, function and more.

At the conclusion of the 2-hour education session, participants will:

  • have an improved understanding of the pelvic floor, including its function in exercise
  • be aware of common issues surrounding pelvic floor fitness
  • be able to identify clients at increased risk of pelvic floor problems
  • be able to identify signs and symptoms of pelvic floor problems
  • be aware of types of exercises that can harm the pelvic floor and identify pelvic floor safe exercises
  • know where to get further information and help.

Venue: Victorian Continence Resource Centre Building, Royal Talbot Hospital Grounds, 1 Yarra Boulevard, Kew, VIC 

Cost: $55

1 Fitness Australia CEC point and 1 Physical Activities Australia PDP point is available. $55 per person. 

Registrations are essential.


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